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2023 Schedule

Sunday, August 27

1:00 PM   4H Special Interest, Clothing and Nutrition Project Judging

Tuesday, August 29

10:00-8:00P Depts. B,D,E,F,G,H,and I must be in place

6:30PM Jr. Fair Rabbits & Poultry in place

6:30PM Barn Meeting:Rabbit & Poultry Exhibitors

6:45PM Weigh-in for Rabbits and Poultry

8:00PM Horse Exhibitors Barn Meeting

10:00PM All Livestock & Horses in Place

Wednesday, August 30

7:30AM Opening Ceremonies at the New Sheep Barn

7:45AM Barn Mtg: Cattle, Hogs, Sheep & Goats

8:30AM Livestock Weigh-in (Cattle, Hogs, Lambs, Goats)

9:00AM Jr. Fair Poultry Show 9:00AM Fine Arts Building-Youth Judging-Dept. G

9:30AM Fine Arts Building-Farm Prod. Judging – Dept. B

10-7:00P Rolling Thunder Forge Blacksmith | Antique Area

11- 6:00P Buck I Guy (on the grounds)

12:00PM Dept. J – All Flowers must be in place BY NOON

1:00PM Fine Arts Building-Home Arts judging-Dept. E

1:00PM Fine Arts Building-Wood/Metal Judging-Dept. F

1:00PM Secretary Building-Flower Judging-Dept. J

1:00PM Beef Skillathon, Pavilion

2 – 3PM Antique Machinery in Operation – Antique Area

2:00PM Sheep Skillathon, Pavilion

3:00PM Kiddie Tractor Pull -SIGN UP – Grandstand

4:00PM Kiddie Tractor Pull – Grandstand

4:00PM Crowning of Jr. Fair Royalty

4:15PM Jr. Fair Goat Show, Arena: Showmanship, Breeding and Market Classes

6:00PM Horse Performance Classe

6:30pm Fine Arts Building-Art Judging-Dept. H

7:00pm Secretary Building – Photo Judging-

7:30pm NTPA Tractor Pull

Thursday, August 31

9:00AM Jr. Fair Rabbit Show, Arena

9:00AM Poultry Skillathon, Pavilion

9:00AM Western/Ranch Horse Show, Horse Arena

10-7:00P Rolling Thunder Forge Blacksmith | Antique Area

10:30AM Swine Skillathon, Pavilion

11-5PM Abraham Lincoln (John Cooper) Roaming Grounds

12:00PM Goat Skillathon, Pavilion

2 – 3PM Antique Machinery in Operation – Antique Area

5:00PM Jr. Fair Swine Show, Arena, Showmanship followed by Market Classes

7:30 Rodeo

Friday, September 1

9:00AM Rabbit Skillathon, Pavilion

9:00AM English & Driving Horse Show, Horse Arena

10-7:00P Rolling Thunder Forge Blacksmith | Antique Area

12:30PM Jr. Fair Sheep Show, Arena

2 – 3PM Antique Machinery in Operation – Antique Area

5PM Fulton Creek Bluegrass Band-Porch of Log Cabin

5:30-6PM Yoga Classes, Pavilion

7:00PM Demo Derby – Grandstand

Saturday, September 2

7-9:00AM Dept C. Culinary in Place by 9am – Fine Arts

9:00AM Jr. Fair Horse Versatility Show

9:30AM Dept C. Culinary – Fine Arts Bld.

1:00PM Jr. Fair Beef & Dairy Feeder Show

5:30-6PM Yoga Classes, Pavilion

4:00PM Jr. Fair Awards Program, Pavilion

5:00PM 4-H/FFA Non-Livestock Auction, Pavilion Tough Truck – Grandstand

6:00PM Tough Truck

8:00 PM Adult Showmanship

Sunday, September 3

10:00AM Horse Fun Show, Horse Arena

11:00AM Harness Racing, Grandstand

1 – 2PM Jr. Fair Premium Vouchers Cashed

1:00PM Pee Wee Showmanship

2:00PM Showman of Showmen

4:00PM Parade – Grandstand

6-10PM Line Dancing / DJ Dance Party @ NUBB Shelter House

6:00PM 4H & FFA Pizza Party @ NUBB Shelter House

7:00PM Sign Up for Life on the Farm Contests

7:30PM Life on the Farm Contest – Grandstand

Dusk Fireworks

Monday, September 4

Free Admission!


11 – 12PM Jr. Fair Premium Vouchers Cashed

10:00AM Skillathon Awards

10:30AM Jr. Fair Livestock Sale

1:00PM Harness Racing – Grandstand

3:00PM Jr. Fair Projects Released

3:00PM Fine Arts Entries Released

**This schedule is subject to change.